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18.11.2019 (CBAR)

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“KredAqro” Non Bank Credit Organization

“KredAqro” Non Bank Credit Organization declares open tender according to reconstruction works in Ismayilli branch.

Plaintiffs have to submit the following documents for the participation at tender:
  1. Writhingly appeal for participation at tender;
  2. Reference for  not being out of date obligations from appropriate tax organs according to tax payments of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  3. Copy of finance record certified by tax organs on yearly activity of plaintiff;
  4. Bank reference  on plaintiff’s  financial condition for yearly;
  5. Full name of plaintiff, legal status, regulation, country  and requisites of registration;
  6. Information on potential opportunities for execution of the works. (list of done works till today, capacity of annual construction)
It is offered to tender participants that to submit their tender documents in writhingly with seal and sign. Tender participants   have to possess necessary finance and technical opportunities for execution of   agreement.  Documents have to be complied in Azerbaijan language.

Plaintiffs have to submit the above mentioned documents toparticipate at tender till September 11, 2009th hour 15:00 to the address Baku city, 63 str. Hasan Aliyev the head office of CredAgro Non Bank Credit Organization.

Envelopes that presented further than displayed date will be sent back without being opened.

The plaintiff’s documents will be opened at above mentioned address in September 14, 2009 at 11:00.

Eager interested in tender procedure could appeal appropriate phones for information.

Tel: (+994 12) 564 27 90/91
Contact person: Ruslan Fatullayev

The plaintiff’s competent representatives can participate.