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11.12.2019 (CBAR)

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Terms to response to applications

- Organization’s respond to customers’ applications shall be in short period, at the latest within 10 working days. Responses to customers’ applications are signed by the Chairman of the Board authorized for signatures. The person whose actions are complained does not respond to applications.

- If customers’ applications require additional investigation, response may be extended till 20 working days. This time the reasons of delay in investigation, next expansion and date when response would be ready are clearly explained to the Customer. If additional documents are required within investigation, he customer is informed on the last date to submit the documents.

- On the request of the Customer to provide the Central Bank’s investigation, it is carried out within 5 working days and response is sent to the Central Bank. The Central Bank may require responding to applications in shorter time. If the Central Bank requires informing the Customers, review and response to applications may be implemented for the period of 10 or 20 days.

- On the request of the Customers’ applications for credit organization’s agreement and with the purpose to reinvestigate the claim, recurrent application to reconsider and investigate it should be under specific control of Responsible person (Chairman of the Board), and Responsible person should respond to application within 10 or 20 days.

- If Consumers do not agree with Organization’s response to Applications, they have the rights to newly apply, including to the Central Bank (by internet to Bank Consumer Services and to Applications Division of general bank system, by telephone to hotline (493112 – internal number: 387), by mailing address (32 R. Behbudiv St. Baku, the Azerbaijan Republic), and/or to the court.

- With the purpose to reimburse Customer-caused losses, Organization shall inform the Customer precisely and clearly in written form on steps to be taken, amount of proposed compensation, period, calculation methodology, and accepting or rejecting customer’s compensation. In order the Customer could make a decision to accept or reject proposed compensation, Organization should define period (no less than 10 days) and inform the Customer.

- If Organization’s response or customer’s required compensation is rejected, or proposed compensation is low, the Customer should be informed precisely and clearly in written form about the reasons of above, including customers’ rights, next steps and procedures.