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15.11.2019 (CBAR)

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Non-bank credit organization “KredAgro” was honoured with an award of “the Company of the Year”

On December 05, 2012, the seventh presentation ceremony of the National Award “Company of the Year” was conducted in Jumeriah Bilgah Beach Hotel. This year 26 companies working in various fields of the business and the country’s economy were amongst prize winners. In addition to the well-known financial institutions, national corporations, amongst them there were new actors observed namely this year in the market. Despite all companies honoured with this award were different, they were notable for high profitability, stable positions in the market, reputable financial transparency and other features.

The non-bank credit organization “KredAgro” was honoured with the award for successful activity on the category of the “Company of the Year”.

The goal of this award is to recompense the companies, which have obtained important results in various fields of the economy, contributed to the formation of the positive image of the national business, to the integration of the country’s economy to the world and increasing the population’s welfare.

Presentation of this reputable award will promote the strengthening of the competitive power of the national economy and drawing of the attention of community and the world business community to the leading local companies, which carry out their activity in conformity with international standards.  

It is to be noted that he award of “Company of the Year” was founded in 2006 by the reputable business magazine “Consulting&Business” and is presented at the end of each year.